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Greenwell water reservoirs for trees £12.55

Sometimes, the best solution is the simplest one.

Greenwell acts as a reservoir to retain moisture and deliver water to the root zone of precious trees and shrubs. When plants and trees are planted on a slope, GreenWell keeps the water where it will do the most good and keeps soil from washing away

GreenWell helps to concentrate fertilizer and water to a tree or plant's root zone, helping to prevent water run-off and promote deep root growth.

  • Deep root watering for your trees. Maintains healthy root growth, avoids water run-off.
  • GreenWell saves on water bills, and reduces watering times when hand watering, it also means you need to water less often.
  • GreenWell protects newly planted tees: One Australian study showed a newly planted tree loss of less than 5% when using the GreenWell product, compared to over 50% loss when using conventional management and watering.

Installing a Greenwell water reservoir is simple.

Open the watertight seal, and place the Greenwell around the plant or tree. Re-join the seal ends together. Centre the Greenwell around the plant . Bury 50% of the unit in the soil. Place mulch around the plant base. Fill the GreenWell with water.

More tree watering products Please contact us for bulk order prices. All plus VAT and delivery

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